Monstrous Mierce Miniatures

A couple of weeks ago Mierce Miniatures had a two for one sale on monsters.  They’re big, they’re amazingly detailed and full of character, and they’re produced by an independent British company.  Consequently they’re also quite expensive at regular retail price – the smaller monsters start at around £30.00 but the really big guys are significantly more, so a two-for-one offer is a rare opportunity.  So even though I definitely don’t have time to take on any new projects, I bought four of the medium-to-large sized monsters from their ‘Darklands’ range – a bargain, and at the speed I paint enough to keep me going for a few months or more.

Clockwise from top left, I picked up their ‘Cormorágg, Savage Oghurüc’ (a cyclops carrying a menhir and a pig), ‘Raging Tarvox’ (a four-armed Minotaur), ‘Mjagnir, Jotunn’ (a huge frost giant) and ‘Blood Maw, Vore’ (an ambulatory mouth, teeth and claws).  I’ve moved them around a bit on the image below but not resized anything.  They’re awesome, but I think this confirms my suspicion that Mjagnir is simply too big to fill in for the gark in my sidequest of chaos.  I’m particularly looking forward to painting Cormorágg – there’s a lot of humour in the details and he’ll go alongside my old 80s fimir quite comfortably.  As for the bottom row, they might be sculpted almost too realistically to fit in with my collection, but that’s OK because by the time I’ve painted them – or to be honest, even assembled them – I’ll have probably bought some more.

I’m a little daunted by them.  I’ve never successfully painted anything that requires larger than a 40mm base before.  But I’ve just found out about the Big April Challenge on the Oldhammer forum, the objective of which is to paint one or more giants, so there’s some motivation to at least get started!

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