Greenskin Wars

Coming to the end of my Christmas painting projects, here’s small batch of mostly goblinoids from one of my favourite companies, Diego Serrate Pinilla’s Knightmare Miniatures.  I got most of them from the first Greenskin Wars Kickstarter – I missed out on the follow-up (of hobgoblins and bugbears) but I hear there’s a third planned for early 2018.  Anyway, here’s what I painted:

I’ve written before about how much I love these minis, having previously painted one of their trolls, so I won’t go into too much detail again.  Suffice to say, the goblins are packed with character (being sculpted by the ‘Goblinmaster’ Kevin Adams, the man who who has set the tone of miniature goblins since the 1980s), and although they needed a little cleanup before being ready for painting, it was nothing that half an hour with a scalpel and sandpaper couldn’t solve.

The stand-out piece is Skraag the Ominous, a two-headed hobgoblin warlord who I think has featured in almost all of Diego’s Kickstarter campaigns to date.  He’s big, heavy, and stands on a 30mm round base.  I painted him in traditional hobgoblin colours:  orange with a blue nose, and his cyclops-head contrasting green.  Then I had loads of fun painting his horrifying armour in a lovely shade of pink.  He will feature in my ongoing D&D campaign, but I won’t spoil that for the players right now.

For the goblins and evil dwarf I used the same basic colour pallet as I’ve previously used for my Cult of Sargonas; these are Doom Goblins, so a fairly uniform scheme, somewhere between the colours of a mid-90s Warhammer dark elf and Khorne warband.  Purples, brass, and deep blood red.

There’s a whole lot more of these guys on my workbench at the moment.  I’ve base-coated eight more Doom Goblins, and assembled five wolves, a couple of orcs, a ‘tusker commander‘, a barbarian, a goblin witch, and a trebuchet with crew.  There’s two Warlord Orcs – much more lightly built than the typical contemporary orc, but at £3.00 for a sprue of three bodies and dozens of weapons, it’s a great deal – and a Warmonger Orcling in there, too.  So I know what I’ll be painting through February.

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    • Thanks Subedai! When I finish the Doom Goblins I’ve got their feral cousins, a bunch of wolf scouts, a handful of mixed trolls, goblins, and orcs to get started on.


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