Little Green Man

This isn’t my first post of the year.  But after finishing my first ‘big’ miniature – the Mierce Blood Maw – I felt a change of pace was in order; something I could start and finish in one sitting.  So I took on the smallest mini in my collection, my first project that truly belongs to 2018.

So who is this little guy?  He came as a free gift when I ordered ‘Bloody Magda the Malodorous Queen‘ from Warmonger Miniatures – the fantasy offshoot of Wargames Foundry, the miniatures company established by Clifford Ansell, father of former Games Workshop Managing Director Bryan Ansell.  Although he doesn’t seem to be available in Warmonger’s web store, he’s clearly an orcling, something of a spiritual successor to Games Workshop’s wonderfully characterful snotling range.

With his provenance in mind, I chose a classic goblin green colour scheme, with a few fleshy pink highlights, bright yellow eyes, and nasty sharp bone-white teeth.  Being a small fellow, he doesn’t fill much of a 20mm base, so I added some details with different types of flock, lichen, and carrageen moss.  In hindsight I rather regret not trying to get hold of some Games Workshop 90s flock instead.  There are some people who think it’s “hopelessly outdated“, but I still love it.

Up next:  more goblins, a barbarian, and hopefully something a bit bigger for April!

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