Final Doom (Goblins)

It seems like a long time since I last wrote a post for this blog.  I’ve been busy – starting a new job (which has brought me back to Jordan where, coincidentally, I wrote my last blog post).  I also spent the last few months spending more of my free time painting, so I’ve got enough new content to last until Christmas.  But before that, it’s back to February 2018, with eight Doom Goblins from Knightmare Miniatures that ready to paint.

I finished them!  Added to the four I’d painted in late 2017, that makes a dozen of the horrible little green guys.  I hope you’ll forgive me the rather dark photographs (they are cave-dwellers, after all).

With their subterranean heritage in mind, I wanted to avoid overly bright green skins tones, so I either worked a camo-green wash over a pale flesh base, or highlighted all the way up to off-white, with some variation between each miniature.  I contrasted the sickly green skin with deep reds and purple clothing, bronze and rusty iron, and occasional turquoise spot colours.

The unit is led by a drummer and a shaman (the latter of which I had painted earlier(, a commander/champion (modelled with an integral shield), and a standard bearer, the largest and most detailed of the 12.  For these last two I decided to practice my freehand painting.  The banner (unintentionally) took on a decidedly early-2000s nu-metal vibe, but I kind of love it for that.  I followed an old White Dwarf tutorial (available on the Realm of Chaos 80s blog) for the commander’s shield – not with complete success, but I’ve been practicing the technique on some old Chaos Dwarf Renegades I found in a local junk shop treasure trove and I will improve.

But before that, I painted four more goblins and a human to finish off my Knightmare Miniatures of 2018.

5 Comments on “Final Doom (Goblins)

  1. That’s fantastic work, honestly I think these are some of the best goblins I’ve seen over the past 20 years. More, please!


    • Wow, this is high praise indeed – thank you! I really enjoyed painting the little guys (especially trying to put some variation in the green skin tones) so I expect to paint more goblins, orcs, and trolls in the future. I’ve got one more small ‘batch’ from Knightmare Miniatures to upload today. I don’t think they were overall as successful as the Doom Goblins though.

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