New Members in the Cult

I’m on something of a roll painting genestealers (and their proxies) for the Cult of the Third Party Emperor. I think the last two posts were a bit too photo-heavy, so here’s a third with just a few new (and old) miniatures from the last couple of weeks.

Where else to start but with another James Barnes sculpt – the awesome ‘Daemon Of Zagdramelek’ from CP Models. I bought this quite recently, needing (that’s way too strong – I don’t need any more miniatures, I just want them) something daemonic for my Rogue Trader bestiary. I’d narrowed my options down to either this one or the new Games Workshop ‘Daemon Prince’, which also looks like a pretty cool model. After consulting with my friend Mike the decision was clear: Zagdramelek will lead my forces, into battles that I’ll probably never fight.

He’s a little smaller than I expected and a good amount smaller than his bear-hybrid brother the gene-ripper, but still cuts an imposing figure with his sprawling arms. He could also be more imposing, as the kit comes with a couple of extra claws, range of heads, and a single tentacle. I went more flor classic genestealer-meets-Cthulhu vibes, but he can be much more chaotic.

I’m an idiot, so I decided to counter-sink a magnet into the base after assembling him, and damaged a wing. You can see a blob of araldite mixed with pigment horrific alien oil welding that shut.

With the daemon came a freebie: CP Models’ ‘Night Horror’, which is a nightmarish, full-frontal-nude, leech man covered in boils. I asked some friends (who are all, at least in theory, pretty grimdark) if they wanted to see it, here’s some of the responses:

In the nicest possible way, not really… “naked leech-man” sounds absolutely horrifying.

I want to see it, speaking as the owner of an entirely nude army.

There was absolutely no need to model the tackle…

Various wargamers, 2022

Which leaves just one more miniature, which is really two: a classic Bob Olley mounted genestealer hybrid, from a limited release in the early ’90s I think, pinned and glued firmly to the back of a Gorkamorka ‘mutie horse’ (with a little customisation – a knife and icon from the modern genestealer upgrade sprue). I’ve seen this done before, and probably a little better, but I’m happy enough with the result. It’s nice to paint so much purple on one model, Olley’s sculpts are just packed full of wonderful detail, and the mutie horse looks like it could have been made with the Cult in mind.

More aliens, cultists, and fantasy beasts old and new to follow, because I’m still on a roll!

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