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Continuing to upload some old (2021) photographs of even older (circa 1986-1988) miniatures – more Night Horrors for my collection, which I’ve been working on – in an on-and-off way – for about 20 years. I have about half of them, and they’re getting harder to find. Like my Chaos Beastmen, Hippogryph and Zoat from a couple of weeks ago, I painted these about a year ago, then completely forgot to upload them.

Apeman. One of the things I always loved about the Night Horrors range is that it includes lots of creatures from folklore and mythology, a lot of which have absolutely no place in any established Warhammer settings. The apeman is very unlike any Citadel Beastmen from the time, and (like all the Night Horrors) is listed in the ‘undead’ section of the 1991 Red Catalogue, despite being very much alive.

It is, obviously, a very easy miniature to paint, being 90% heavily textured fur – so there’s not much room for individuality. I’ve painted mine in light colours, representing either a yeti-like creature (but based it on earth and grass with a green rim, as I have been doing for my undead collection since the late ’90s) or albino.

Wight 3. This is my favourite wight from the range, the antlers give the sculpt a real x-factor. I mostly chose colours reminiscent of burial shrouds (inspired most likely by Tolkien’s barrow wights) and pre- or very early iron age armour. To give him some pop (and further inspired by George R. R. Martin’s wights) I tried to make the sword resemble an icicle, which I think has been pretty succesful.

Vampire 2. This is more or less the same sculpt as the above, and somehow one of my least favourite vampires. I’ve given him a pretty basic paint job as some sort of noble, dressed in fine midnight blue robes and gold armour. I thought about freehand painting some details on the robe, but in the end chose not to; I think he looks alright as-is.

Sickle 3 (Zombie). Sculpted by Kev Adams, according to the 1991 Red Catalogue, this zombie holding his head up manually is surely one of the best. I knew I wanted to use green fore most of his flesh, but also bright pinks for the gore; I think that’s worked out rather well. I’ve slightly over-varnished this one, because it’s again part of a batch where the undercoat didn’t adhere as well as I’d have liked it to.

As has become customary I’ll finish off with a family portrait. It’s come out a little blurry as I’m still working out the kinks in my photography setup and equipment.

2 Comments on “The Dead Will Walk My Blog

  1. Nice work on these and the sculpts are full of so much character (especially the Zombie holding up his head!). I really like the icy sword and the Yeti.


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