On a distant island, something is hiding in the woods…

I was approached by the author in late 2013 and jumped at the opportunity to illustrate his novel, Majeena. From the brief:

Majeena is a fantasy story for young teenagers. It is entirely set on a small island called Majeena and its surrounding islands. It is, essentially, a story about a boy who is kidnapped from a political refuge and made into a monster.

Sounds great! I started sketching in January 2014, while working in Liberia – dimensions are roughly Kindle-sized but as I didn’t have a ruler, I had to estimate by drawing around my Kindle. But the pressures of work, a hectic travel schedule (taking in DRC and South Sudan before coming back to London earlier that year) and lack of art materials, I was not able to submit more than some preliminary sketches.

Buy the book here.

And read the blurb here.

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