Undead update


My shameful lead mountain is looking particularly insurmountable right now.  On Thursday I received my minis from the first Greenskin Wars Kickstarter (they’re excellent), and on Friday I bought a load of old Citadel Night Horrors via eBay auction.  They’re a pretty collectible range, and ‘buy it now’ prices are generally ridiculous – the final auction costs were about 25% of the normal list price, so well worth bidding.  Luckily, for the first time in a while I also had no plans this weekend, so I’ve been able to make some small progress with painting and modelling.

First things first, I cleaned, sanded and assembled one of the units from Greenskin Wars – the ‘Doom Goblins’.  I plan to paint them as part of my Cult of Sargonas.  There were a couple of rough edges to file away and a very slight casting error on one goblin’s tunic, but being single-piece models, by and large they were pretty easy to assemble.  I added a few giant mushrooms from The Battleforge (best known for halflings and I believe currently the biggest giant on the market) to some of the bases, to give them some extra character.  I also did some work to repair and gap-fill some bigger minis.  No photos of any of them yet.

Next up, a little freehand practice.  Last year my wife asked if she could paint a mini.  “Of course!  I’m glad to share my new hobby!”.  I had a spare zombie, but in the end she didn’t enjoy it much.  I painted a shield for him in what I hope is a classic Oldhammer style, when he’s finished.  It hasn’t photographed well.

Continuing with the undead theme, I finished one of my oldest minis – a Citadel C18 zombie, one of the greatest zombie minis ever in my opion.  The colour scheme was inspired by the wights in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, and I think it came out rather well.  I only have two minis remaining from my old collection now – the rest were all bought within the last 6 months.

I’ve been in the habit of photographing minis in batches of six for my portfolio, so I needed a small, quick undead to wrap up the last couple of months work.  I bought a vampire halfling when I ordered some bits for base details from The Battleforge, and he seemed to fit the bill.  It’s a little bit of a rough sculpt – especially when lined up with the ethereal Games Workshop spirit host – but quite a fun, characterful little fellow.  And a bit of a rarity – non-human undead are quite uncommon.  He came with an integral base, but I glued that onto a 20mm square to keep consistent with the rest of the undead legion and added some red flowers to compliment his cape.  I expect that even dead halflings enjoy a spot of gardening.

I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks for work and then I have study deadlines, so I expect that’s some of the last painting I’ll get done until mid-June.  I’ve not really achieved everything I planned for April, but did make some progress.

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