Night Horrors

This week I finished off six Citadel Night Horrors.  They join six more that I finished a couple of weeks ago but haven’t previously posted.  It’s a short post, but for an unusually productive 12 minis.  I hope they’ll speak for themselves.

My favourite thing about the Night Horrors is their variety and simplicity.  They’re almost all single-piece, and start to look passable with even one colour of paint applied.  This makes sense in context:  they were intended for use in the Call of Cthulu game, before Grenadier won the license.  Consequently they don’t really fit in the Warhammer cannon – the devils especially seem incongruous alongside Games Workshop’s established Chaos pantheon.

I challenged myself to speed paint all of these, taking no more than a couple of hours over each and taking my cues from the very bright colours schemes common in the 1990s.  For the ghosts, devils, wraiths and ghoul I used or adapted formulas I’ve used before (swapping the blue ghoul palette for red on the smaller devil).  The mummy and golem/earth elemental pretty much painted themselves in off-white and earth brown.  I’m particularly pleased with the brown fur on the wearbear, using modern GW paints (Rhinox Hide, washed with Nuln Oil and drybrushed with Verminlord Hide, picking up the details using Ratskin Flesh, Bestigor Flesh and Ungor Flesh, then finally painting the face in all the pinks to match some recent monsters).  I wanted to avoid painting the female vampire as Morticia Adams, so I used bright yellow and red – inspired by Castlevania 64’s Rosa.  Vampires can bite anyone.

There are 75 minis in the range, and a few of them are very rare.  I have 20 and I’ve painted 17, so there’s a long way to go.

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