Troll of Chaos

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Life, school, and work got in the way, and when I found time to paint again the weather was no good for spraying. But even though I couldn’t varnish them, I managed to paint about a dozen minis over the Christmas and new year, finishing with this big guy.

I have a soft spot for trolls, so I bought the Russian Alternative’s Trolls of Chaos over a year ago, and made a start painting the first of the three back in March. They’re fantastic sculpts, with a sort of feral quality reminiscent of Rien Poortvliet’s watercolours. And they’re big – despite his squat posture he’s head and shoulders taller than my Greenskin Wars troll, excluding the base, and very broad across the shoulders. The quality of the cast wasn’t so great. There were a large number of bubbles in the resin, which is quite brittle (some of the teeth were damaged on arrival, but I imagine trolls’ teeth do get damaged from time to time). There was also quite a lot of trimming and sanding needed, and some mold-slip that I couldn’t fix with my limited modeling skill.

I painted him in a mix of khaki greens, ochres, and fleshy pinks, with turquoise scales on his shoulders, buttocks, and thighs, blends with countless glazes. His base, as befits a troll from the Chaos Wastes, is a snow-covered marsh. I’m extremely happy with the result, so I’m looking forward to painting the other two. Then I can buy some more trolls!

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